sabato 15 novembre 2014

► LENSES REVIEW // Vassen Cloud Nine PINK

 ✰ Vassen Cloud Nine PINK REVIEW!! ~  


Price: $ 17.90
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Colour Tone: Pink
Diameter: 16mm
Water Content: 55%
Comfort level: 8/10 ~
Buyed from: UNIQso ~

✧ Stock Photo~

✧ In the vials~

✧ In the lens case~

✧ Worn Photos~

What to say...they're not as pink and cute as I expected ;; They're cute but... they looked absolutely perfect in other photos... i'm sad ;; 
They dont look natural so I recommend them for cosplays~

✧ One in one out~

Anyway they do an amazing work with the eye! It look a lot bigger and brighter!

The end (?)

Bye bye~

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