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► LENSES REVIEW // Vassen iFairy Dolly+ BROWN

 ✰ VASSEN iFairy Dolly+ BROWN REVIEW!!~   


Price: $ 22.90
Base Curve: 8.6
Colour Tone: Brown (Gold)
Diameter: 14.5
Water Content: 42%
Comfort level: 10/10 ~
Buyed from: UNIQso~

✧ Stock photo~

✧ In the vials~ 

✧ In the lens case~

✧ Worn photos~
(forgive me for my horrible makeup I went to school with it lol) 

Those lenses are really cute and the colour is so vivid and amazing! They're Gold/Yellow (definitely NOT BROWN, but they sell them as brown, but its k), really cool for cosplays of characters with yellow eyes like Aoba Seragaki (DMMD) or Mami Tomoe (PMMM) and many others!

✧ One in one out~

They are only 14.5 diameter, but they look really big! 

Hope this review will be helpful to you all! ~
Bye bye c:

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