domenica 22 febbraio 2015


✰ GEO Xtra Hanabi GREEN REVIEW!! ~  


Price: $ 15.20
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Colour Tone: Green
Diameter: 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Comfort level: 9/10 ~
Buyed from: UNIQso ~

✧ Stock Photo~

✧ In the vials~


 ✧ In the lens case~

✧ Worn Photos~

✧ One in one out~

 Yuppie my chin looks scary here I'm happy :-) 

Here i tryed a random Lolita/Cosplay MakeUp, aaand I have to say that they're a lot different from the iFairy Hanabi ones. I have the iFairy pair in red, and they make your eye a lot bigger and brighter, not only because they're 16.2mm dia and this GREEN pair is 15mm dia, but because the colour melt better with the eyes and its really brighter.. but I'm satisfied anyway because this is one of the most comfortable pair of lenses I have!~ They're really cute and with a particular design, I think that this colour is good on dark eyes but also on light eyes! I reccomend those lenses just for cosplays or some dolly outfit/makeup uvu~

Okeeey, its all for now~
See u next time, Bye Bye~

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