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► LENSES REVIEW // Lens Story Cara Green

✰  Lens Story Cara GREEN  REVIEW!! ~  

Price: $17.90 
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Colour Tone: Green and Yellowish Green
Diameter: 16.5
Water Content: 55%
Comfort level: 9/10 ~
Buyed from: UNIQso ~


✧ Stock Photo~

✧ In the vials~

>>>>>> WOE LOOK I ALSO MADE A VIDEO go watch eeeeetttttttttt  <<<<<<

This time I didnt took a photo about the super cute little box that Uniqso send to you when you buy lenses but it were so cute as always <3 <3


Top of the vials~

 ✧ In the lens case~

This time they gave me normal and sad lens case :< 

✧ Worn Photos~

Lamp light

This is with flash, and you can clearly see the pattern of the lenses 

Full face foto omg i look like a fairy OHOH

Ok, then, these lenses are so cute! I bought a red pair too but they're different even if they've got the same pattern. These ones are largr on the pupil so you can get a cute puppy effect *w*  ~
They're not that bright in low light conditions, and that's really a pity 'cause they're so colorful and gave to your eyes a great sparkling and glowy effect ** 
By the way they're absolutely comfortable, they enlarge the eye very much and didnt get dry at all (my eyes get dry very fast with big circle lenses usually but with these ones they dont!)

That's all! If you have answers just comment the post~
Bye Bye! :3

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