domenica 20 dicembre 2015

► REVIEW // Umi Sonoda Wedding Dress ~

Some month ago I buyed a lovely cosplay costume from this aliexpress shop > Machasava mayron's store < and I promised him a review on this blog, soooo here you go! c:

Here some photo taken by the lovely Shu6Fm

The dress is so beautiful and very well made, I love it so much!! It was a little bit too loose on the sleevees and on the chocker but its really amazing anyway (I just fixed them, its not a big deal I mean), its full of laces and the material is too good ** The price were not even that much, I paid it 102,70€ + 40€ of customs ( sigh sob ;;) 
It arrived in only 7 days after it were ready (it's a really really REALLY big dress just think about how much time do they spent on it hahah) 
I really reccomend this store because they do AMAZING works, my bff buyed the Kotori wedding dress and she is so much happy about it too, it's really well made and with good materials. 
Really comfortable even if its so voluminous HAHAHA. 

So, if you're searching for cheap cosplay costume but high quality too, go from this store and you'll never be disappointed! 

Have fun! Bye Bye~

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